Building Green

"Purchasing a Permian Home saved us $200 a Month on our Utility Bills!"

Family PhotoSave Money, Save Energy, Go Green! Tired of paying too much on your utility bills?  Permian Homes offer homes composed of a network of elements working together to reduce the overall amount of energy consumption, continually saving you money! Just to list a few:

  • Dual pane, Low-E, insulated windows that keep heat in during the
    winter and out during the summer
  • Demilec foamed sealed penetrations with Certain-Teeds Optima blown-in upgraded insulation
  • LP's Radiant Barrier foil roof decking that helps control home temperatures
  • Properly sized 16 SEER Carrier™ A/C with a high efficient 80% AFUE gas furnace
  • Low-flow water conserving plumbing fixtures
  • Energy saving compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs
  • Low VOC Paint (Volatile Organic Compounds)