Love Your Permian Home: Best Apps for New Homeowners

Owning a new home comes with many responsibilities.... but don't worry, there's an app for that! We scoured the App Stores to bring you our Top 5 Most Helpful Homeowner Apps to simplify your life and keep your home (and sanity) in pristine condition. The following are all free (yay!) and offered for both Apple and Android products.


1. BrightNest

This handy app assists you in a multitude of home-related areas. Easily schedule your general home maintenance tasks and be reminded with alerts to keep you on track. The app also includes suggestions and tips related to cleaning, decor and ways to keep your home healthy. BrightNest also sends an optional Weekly Digest email with various tips related to your home, things you might not think of (like how often you should be cleaning your trash can, for example).

2. Home Comfort by CarrierTM

While this app can only be paired with a CarrierTM WiFi Thermostat, its an effective way to save money by keeping your HVAC's energy usage in check. The thermostat utilizes your home's WiFi, making it available via the app on your phone from anywhere in the world! Adjust your temperature, view reports and adjust schedules anytime you like. Another great feature: the thermostat will send reminders and alerts straight to your phone, making it easy to remember filter changes and scheduled maintenance. You'll also be alerted for conditions such as high humidity, low temperature and other variables that aren't ideal for optimal home comfort.

3. Google Keep

Don't you hate digging through junk drawers looking for owners manuals, model numbers, 1-800 numbers and business cards? Google Keep is a fantastic place to digitally store all of this information. Best of all, everything you enter into Google Keep is synced into your Google account, making it accessible from your phone, tablet or computer. So down the road when the pesky little light bulb on your microwave burns out or you need to touch up a grout line in your foyer, the answer is right at your fingertips!

4. Pinterest

We know, we know... it's 2017, everyone and their granny has Pinterest. But it's still worthy of a top-5 spot on our list! Pinterest is arguably the greatest app for all things "home" - from DIY home projects, organization solutions and cleaning tips, it's a one stop shop. (By the way - If you're reading this list and considering a Permian Home yourself, our Pinterest page is full of photos of homes we've built, categorized into boards by each component of the home! Seeing our Design Center options in real-life settings can be a big help when picking out your finishes.)

5. Encircle

This app is an absolute must, whether you own your home or rent. If you're ever the victim of a home theft or a disaster such as flooding or a fire, this app will help you file an accurate and detailed insurance claim. Encircle is very intuitive and user friendly, walking you through with step-by-step instructions to document important items, both inside and outside your home. The app prompts you to enter manufacturer/brand details, model info & serial numbers as well as photos of your items.