Is Your Home Winter-Ready?

Can you believe it's almost December!?

December means holiday cheer, Christmas trees, family gatherings and warm memories. But it also means cold, harsh weather is looming in the forecast. The Permian Homes Customer Service Team would like to give you a few pointers to make sure your home is prepared for the months ahead:

  • Turn your heater on for a test run and make sure it is blowing cozy, hot air.
    • To do this, simply switch your thermostat to “Heat”, and raise the desired temperature above the current temperature. If this is the first time your furnace has run for a while, you may notice a funny smell. This is normal. Dust has collected inside your furnace, and your furnace will burn this dust off. This can even set off smoke detectors in some instances. If it happens in your home, don't worry: open a few windows and doors for about 5 minutes to bring in some fresh air, and the smoke detectors will stop beeping.  Then, set your thermostat at the desire temperature
  • Protect your sprinkler’s back-flow-preventer from freezing (if sprinklers are installed)
    • Your back-flow-preventer is usually located in your back yard by the fence. It’s made of brass with two pipes going into the ground. A good way to protect this from freezing is to cover it with some insulation (either pink fiberglass insulation from Home Depot, or you can use an old pillow or blanket) and then cover the whole thing with an upside-down 5 gallon bucket.
  • Disconnect all garden hoses from hose bibs
    • Each of your hose bibs are self-protected from freezing. However, if a hose is left attached, the water in the hose can freeze and push against the inside of the hose bib. This may cause damage to the hose bib. Disconnecting your hoses for the winter will prevent this from occurring.


Some other good housekeeping tips:

  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors (9 volt).
  • Start your fireplace (if you have one) and let it burn off any dust.
  • Talk to a landscaper on how to best prepare your landscaping for cold months.

The Customer Service Team at Permian Homes wishes you a safe and joyful Holiday Season! If you have any questions about protecting your home for the winter, please call us at 432-362-3436 or send an email to