Contractor Spotlight: Jeff McCurdy with J&B Plumbing

J&B Plumbing Picture

Should you ever have the chance to meet Jeff McCurdy from J&B Plumbing, you are not only meeting one of the top contractors in the area…you are also meeting one of the most kind and generous souls around.

At Permian Homes, we pride ourselves in being here for our customers and our community. And we are honored to work with contractors who feel the same way.

When we approached Jeff about doing some volunteer work for a home we were building for a wounded veteran, J&B didn’t hesitate to participate.

When we told him about a community member who had lost his leg, just a short while after losing his wife and was in need of a remodel on his home…J&B was there in a heartbeat.

So as we look to start a new series on our Permian Homes Blog, we knew that Jeff McCurdy and his company, J&B Plumbing, was a great place to start.

Jeff McCurdy is originally from Washington State but moved to Colorado Springs, TX to work on a dude ranch a number of years ago.

For more than 35 years, Jeff has worked as a plumber, a skill and passion he picked up from his father, who is also a plumber.

Jeff and his wife, Becky began J&B Plumbing here in the Permian Basin about 6 years ago. In that time, Jeff has had the opportunity to work with a number of builders on a number of different projects.

Beginning his time with Permian Homes more than 3 years ago, Jeff has worked on a vast majority of our communities and his dedication to quality shows.

Chances are, if you live in a Permian Home, Jeff has worked on your house.

As I spoke with Jeff for this interview, it became obvious just how involved out plumbers are in the building process.

J&B Plumbing Picture

Plumbers are the first ones to work on your home after the dirt pad has been built. They are in there before the foundation is laid, and they don’t stop working on your home until the final touches are applied.

J&B Plumbing Picture

From the pipes in your wall, the gas that keeps you warm, to the fixtures on your sinks and in your bathrooms, plumbers are there from beginning to end.

And it is obvious that Jeff loves what he does.

When I asked him about working with Permian Homes, Jeff said that he enjoys working with Permian because they don’t cut corners, they fix their problems without hesitation, the owners, superintendents and the other contractors are easy to work with.

While Permian Homes wasn’t the first builder J&B Plumbing ever worked with, Jeff made it clear that Permian is the company he puts in front.

“We enjoy Permian Homes. With Permian, the homeowner comes first. And that is how I work, too. We value their business, if it weren’t for the customer, if it weren’t for the homeowners, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

In just a few years, J&B Plumbing has grown from a small family business to one that steadily employs others.

“Permian has helped us grow; it is really fun to watch this happen!”

So as you rest in your warm home this evening, take a moment to send up positive thoughts to the J&B crew.

Just one more reason to be proud of your home!