Feature Friday: Interior Window Shutters


Happy Friday, y’all!  We’re excited to focus today’s #FeatureFriday on one of our clients’ most requested upgrades: Interior Shutters. Aside from being beautiful, shutters also add value to your home, reduce energy bills… The benefits go on for days.

To keep this post brief and not scare you away, we’ve drawn up a quick list of our 7 favorite benefits of adding plantation shutters to your new Permian Home:

1. We’re especially proud of the shutters we install. They’re not only made in the US, but are made right here in West Texas! Each set is constructed and finished by hand, based on the exact window opening measurements to ensure a perfect fit. It doesn’t get more custom than that!

Feature Friday shutters

2. Interior shutters are so versatile when adjusting how much light you want in a room. You can pop them wide open and get every ray of sunshine, or close the louvers completely and nearly black-out a room.

3. Shutters help insulate the windows in the winter, keeping the home’s heat in. And in the summer, they help keep the house cooler by deflecting that harsh Texas sun. Both of these perks help reduce utility bills!

4. Shutters are timeless and work with a wide variety of decor styles. Unlike trendy drapery panels or various styles of blinds, you’ll never have to worry about these classic beauties going out of style.

5. Our shutters are hinged on the sides, so it’s a breeze to swing them open and clean the windows. No fighting with strings and slats on blinds to reach the tippy-top of the window!

Feature Friday shutters

6. And speaking of cords – shutters eliminate the risk of small children getting tangled and hurt, as is the concern with standard window blinds.

7. Interior shutters are the only window treatment considered a “capital home improvement” by the IRS. They may be pricey up front, but at least they’re going to work for you while they’re hanging out and looking pretty on the wall.

And there you have it!

Thank you for joining us for another #FeatureFriday. What will we highlight next…? Stop by next Friday and see!

Feature Friday shutters