Meet Justin and Monica: Proud Permian Home Owners

When most people purchase a Permian Home, they are able to purchase before the foundation is laid and work very closely with our sales team every step of the way.

On occasion though, a buyer comes in after a home has already been started.

Many see this as a tremendous advantage as the wait time to move into the home is decreased significantly; although some may think having to deal with preselected details is disappointing.

Today, we have the opportunity to hear from Justin and Monica, two Permian Home owners who came in to the building process about half way through. Come listen to their story and learn how Permian Homes goes out of their way to ensure you are proud of your home.

Home Owner Picture

When we were looking for a home, we knew we really wanted to get into this neighborhood but all of the Permian Homes were already taken.

About two months after we told our realtor, Cindy, that this is where we really had our heart set to live, we got a call that someone had backed out of their purchase and were asked to come take a look.

At the time, the kitchen wasn’t in yet. The home had already been sheet rocked and materials were already in.  The house was pretty much together. We did get to choose the closet layouts and we made some basic changes but because of how far along they were in the building process, we didn’t get to choose everything. The things we could change, they let us.  Looking through the overall selections on the home, not everything was something we would have chosen, but we are so happy with the end result!

We had so much fun seeing our home be built.  Each week we would come and there would be more, there was always something new. Permian Homes went so fast that every week. We were amazed at how quickly everything came up. There was never really a lull and they managed to finish a month ahead of schedule!

The big thing for us is location. Permian Homes is smart about where they build.  

Home Owner Picture

I would say I am equally impressed with the quality, the finishes and the home as I am with the people. They care about the job, they care about the people and the quality of what they are building. They definitely put their time into it.

During one of our visits to the house before we moved in, we saw that the granite was messed up.  Dave Cook caught this in the executive inspection before we moved in. Without us saying anything, they fixed it.

Since we have moved in, any problems we have come across, Permian Homes has been really good to take care of them. Everything having to do with Permian has been beyond our expectations.

It is nice having the warranty where if something happens, we can call and a Permian Homes employee will answer.  Once it got warmer, we learned that our air conditioner wasn’t working.  We called and it took almost a week for the AC guy to come fix it…but that was only because the AC guy wasn’t answering the Warranty Manager’s calls.

We didn’t have to pursue him; Permian Homes took care of that for us.

When the AC guy finally arrived, he apologized for taking so long to come see us.

Luckily it was still relatively cool and our insulation is so great, so we didn’t have to run the AC during that time.

In fact, our insulation is so great; we don’t have to run the AC or heat very often. We moved from a 1200 sq feet duplex and would pay $160-$180 on average.  This house is just under 2000 sq feet and we haven’t had any major bills.  Our average electric bill has been around $70 or $80.  I know Permian Homes are energy star qualified, you can tell the difference. It really is so much more efficient.

Home Owner Picture

I look at other homes (built by other builders) in our area and I realize that I like the Permian Homes finishes better, even the landscaping is better. The garage doors, the quality of granite, the trims…I feel like Permian Homes are just more high-end.

I would happily tell anyone who is looking to buy a home, to work with Permian Homes.

Whenever we needed something, we could always catch someone. Whether it was our sales agent, realtor or building supervisor, we could always find someone. Permian Homes has been so great to us; we cannot sing their praises enough.