Permian Homes in the News

If you follow our Facebook page, you know Permian Homes has been in the news a bit lately.

Funny thing is, even though Permian Homes is one of the top three builders in the area; the only locally owned home builder to make it on the top 200 builders of 2012; is continually renowned for having the utmost quality and is consistently going above and beyond to make your dream a reality…

Even with all of those factors, what Permian Homes has been in the news for has little to do with building homes.

Instead, we have been honored to have been recognized for a recent act of service we were able to provide for a dear friend in our community.

You see, when Noel Olvera lost his wife suddenly just over a year ago, our heart went out to him.

This loving couple did so much for their children and grandchildren, adopted grandchildren and many others in their church and community; losing Andrea hit many of us pretty hard.

So when it was mentioned in a church meeting that Noel was going to lose his leg and it was going to be very difficult for him to get around his home, Dave Cook, Permian Homes President, knew he wanted to help.

Over the weeks that followed, Dave Cook worked closely with Noel’s children as he brought physical therapists to assess what needed to happen in order to make Noel’s home comfortable and accessible for life in a wheelchair.


As time went on, it became very clear that not only would he need a ramp, Noel’s doors needed to be widened, and his bathroom would require a complete overhaul to make it handicap friendly.

Reaching out to his personal and professional contacts, it was not long before everything fell into place to make these needed changes happen.

All in all, in addition to Permian Homes employees, from the owner to every building super and assistant, businesses who donated time and/or materials for this project include: McCoy’s Building Supply, Pinner Carpets, Mason Drywall Supply, Lasso Drywall, tile installer Miguel Kyle, J&B Plumbing, White’s Painting, West Texas Builders and Kitchen Solutions.  


There were also 25+ volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

After Noel had been in his home for a period of time, I had to opportunity to visit with him.  His sense of gratitude for every hand that helped make his home accessible was overwhelming.  His cup truly overflows with joy and appreciation.


As we spoke, Noel explained what a blessing it is to be able to “get around like a normal person.”  When his daughter came over just two days after he returned home and found him feeding his dogs in the back yard, she asked him how he got there.  Laughing, Noel told his daughter “It’s everything they did to make this house like a home. I can do things  just like I always have!”

Veteran Image

For someone who just lost a leg, that means a lot.

What makes these efforts extra newsworthy?

The fact that many of these contractors have donated their time, effort, supplies and materials before.

What could make you more proud than working with an organization so full of contractors, suppliers and workers who are willing and able to give like this group has?

Just one more reason to be proud of your Permian Home.