Happy Veterans Day!

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In honor of Veteran’s Day, Permian Homes is taking a moment to pause and reflect on the impact veterans have had on our business.

Recently Permian Homes President, Dave Cook took some time out of his busy schedule to meet with me about what Permian Homes does to support Veteran’s here in the Permian Basin. 

As the wife of a veteran, I can tell you that there is no question that the Permian Basin supports Military Veterans in every way they can.

From the Vietnam Memorial to the Commemorative Air Force Museum, the Falcon’s Veteran’s Association at UTPB or the VFW Post, to the countless events held to honor military veterans throughout the community, not simply on Veteran’s Day but all throughout the year…there is no doubt that we here in the Permian Basin appreciate all our Military Veteran’s have done. 

Back in 2011, Permian Homes Owner, David Martin and Dave Cook felt the desire to reach out and help someone in a way only Home Builder’s can.  It was after much pondering and praying that these two came to know they wanted to work with an organization known as Operation Finally Home. 

From that moment, the outpouring of support from the community has been both uplifting and inspiring. 

Having been involved with the building process as a spouse, photographer and mother of several volunteers…I can tell you that there are few projects that have been as rewarding as working with Operation Finally Home through the efforts of Permian Homes.  Even so, this interview was the first opportunity I had to really speak with Dave about the road that led to Operation Finally Home and what has happened since.  I am thrilled to share this interview with you.

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What was the inspiration that led you and David Martin to work with Operation Finally Home?

Neither David nor I served in the military.  We both started building homes at a very young age and felt the best thing we could do is to use the talents that we have to help veterans.

Once we decided that we wanted to donate a home, we came up with a set of criteria to help us find and organization that could help us achieve this goal.  We wanted a company that works with veterans, especially disabled veterans. Ideally, we also wanted an organization that was based here in Texas and had a strong, positive success record where we knew they could help us give a hero a home to call their own. Operation Finally Home fit that criterion.

From there, we contacted Operation Finally Home’s Executive Director, Dan Vargas who helped us through what we could and couldn’t do, sent us portfolios of different families and eventually we chose one we really wanted to help.

We let our contractors and suppliers know what our intentions were and with little to no hesitation, not only did they constantly step up and offer what they could to help…they often exceeded our expectations with what they were willing to do to help.


  • McCoy’s Building Supply donated all of the framing materials for the home.
  • Wallach Concrete INC donated all of the concrete materials needed for the project.
  • Kitchen Solutions of Texas donated all of the granite and related labor for this project.
  • Stock Building Supply in Lubbock, TX donated all of the trim materials.
  • Kelly Moore in Odessa, TX donated all of the paint for this home.
  • Kitchler Lighting supplied all of lights and fixtures within the home.
  • Ferguson donated all of the plumbing materials and faucets for the home.
  • Pinner Carpets donated much of the flooring and labor for this home.
  • Cordell generously marked all of the cabinetry within the home to 50% the typical wholesale cost.
  • New Beginnings Air Conditioning and Plumbing donated all of the materials and labor for the HVAC in this home.
  • T&E electric donated all of the wiring, plugs and switches as well as the labor to install everything electric within the home.
  • J&B Plumbing donated all of the plumbing labor for this project.
  • West Texas Builders installed cabinets and helped with framing the house at no cost.
  • BCI provided the insulation materials and labor.
  • Dreams of Field provided all of the labor for the trim in this home.
  • AMH Fencing provided all of the materials and labor for this home.
  • Creative Painting did the final touch-ups and custom door work for this home.
  • Doug Baker donated the labor to roof this home.
  • S&S services provided the materials and labor for the landscaping of this home.
  • Boy Scouts of America had a number of troops who helped with everything from clean up to flag ceremonies to the play set donated to this home.
  • The Mayor of Odessa, Public Officers, Radio and Television Stations all came out to show their support along the way.
  • Then there are countless others who helped through monetary donations, time and effort donations and at events like our community painting day and our 5k and 1k fun-run.


It was overwhelming to see the positive response the entire community had towards building this home for a wounded veteran.

At the beginning of 2012, in correlation with the annual PBHA meeting, we were able to surprise the family that had been selected.   Over months that followed we worked closely with the family selected to build a home that would meet their needs. Unfortunately, life happens.  Shortly after this home was given to the family selected, it became evident that they were not going to be able to stay in Odessa.

In time, the family was given help that allowed them to find a home closer to their family and the home our community worked so hard to build was given back to Operation Finally Home.  Now Operation Finally Home is working to find a second wounded veteran family to place in this home.

All in all, our experience with Operation Finally Home has been extremely rewarding.  We have been uplifted and warmed by the community involvement in this project and we look forward to doing more in the future.

There is no doubt that Permian Homes is a small company with a big heart. There is a saying “Help America, Hire a Veteran.” In addition to your work with Operation Finally Home, you have hired veterans to work with Permian Homes in varying capacities. What would you say to a business owner or manager who is on the fence about hiring a veteran for their company?

Reality is, everybody has baggage…military or not. 

There are some automatic qualities you get when you hire a veteran.

The value of a request/the value of a command is significant with the veterans we have worked with.  If I ask them to do something, even in passing, it gets done.

The weight of a request from a direct report seems to be stronger in those who have had military experience.

Their mental organization is outstanding.

They are able to go through a list and stay extremely organized.

Discipline is and constructive criticism is generally received well.

They are very punctual and dependable.

I cannot think of one negative truth when it comes to hiring a vet.

In every instance, the positives outweigh the negatives.

From charitable acts to building homes and helping customers, there is no doubt that veterans have made a positive impact on Permian Homes.

On behalf of Permian Homes, I would like to say thank you to our many veterans here in the Permian Basin. Thank you for your service, thank you for what you have done for our country and thank you for what you continue to do for our community. 

If you would like to know more about Operation Finally Home and how you can help them, please visit: http://operationfinalyhome.org.  People Magazine has recently run a number of articles about the families who have benefited from Operation Finally Home.  The most recent article which features a family in Plano, Texas can be seen here. And you can help Operation Finally Home win a $75,000 grant from the Newman’s Own Foundation by donating here.

Thank you for your continued support! -Sunny Busby