A Moment of Gratitude

Thank You Graphic

November is often recognized as a month of gratitude.

Not a day goes by when we, as a company, are not thankful for you.

The Permian Basin community has welcomed us with open arms and helped us to become the largest locally-owned home builder in just five short years.


When we had our annual contractor’s meeting a few weeks ago, among the jokes and camaraderie, there was an air of joy as we reflected on our roots and recognized how much we have grown.

What was once a one-man operation with just a handful of contractors has grown to more than a dozen direct employees and dozens of contractors, employing hundreds of people. 

We have gone from building a home here and a home there to seeing entire neighborhoods come to life.

With so many new and wonderful things in store, we are grateful to have you by our side!

A few updates:

The last time we checked in, Old Course Estates was just breaking ground.

Old Course Estates

Since that time, building has actively taken place. 


As promised, these beautiful townhomes feature large, open entry ways, open concept floor plans and golf course views.

We are thrilled to see this community develop and cannot wait to get to know each and every new owner that comes our way.

But what if you already own a Permian Home?

Permian Logo

Recently, Permian Homes changed their logo to include the phrase “be proud of your home.”

Over the next couple of weeks we will introduce you families who have not only been proud of their Permian Home, they have chosen to buy from Permian Homes a second time!

If you have any questions or would like to know how you, too, can be proud of your Permian Home, do not hesitate to visit Permian Homes Real Estate on our site or call Kaete at: 432.260.4017

Thank you for helping us make the Permian Basin a place to be proud of!