David Martin: Permian Home Owner and VP of Land Acquisition

David Martin, Owner and VP of Land Acquisition at Permian Homes, has been in construction for more than 17 years.

David’s vast experience, dedication to quality and attention to detail can be found in every home Permian Homes builds. Today, David shares with us what inspired him to found Permian Homes, what accomplishments he is most proud of and what he envisions the future to be for Permian Homes.

Without further adieu, David Martin

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What brought you to the Permian Basin?

I am originally from Andrews, TX. I grew up in Odessa, moved to Houston and eventually made my way back to Odessa. I always had a lot family here.  Ultimately, the economy and family drew us back here.

When we relocated, the housing market was not doing that well and I saw a need here. There were a lot of track home builders and a lot of high-end builders. Nobody was giving the option of the good price that a track home builder offers while still letting the customers really select their own options, to make their home custom to their needs.  Once we saw that niche, it was time to come back home and bring that choice of builder here.

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What is your vision for Permian Homes? What accomplishments are you most satisfied with?

I felt very impressed to come here; I felt that is was very important to come here. Now when I see all of the families that have jobs (with Permian Homes), all of the work that has been created, it’s really in the Lord’s hand. There have been several times when I felt other hands were helping out. It amazes me that we have come this far. 

We really saw a need for a local home builder who can give quality and give value. It’s good to have choice.

Before, homebuyers (in the Permian Basin) had to choose between big builders who are not locally based and build track homes with good value but offer little choice, or small builders who may be locally owned but build only luxury homes few people can really afford.

Now, (Permian Homes) gives buyers a different choice. With us, buyers have access to a local home builder who offers affordable housing with more choices. Buyers can really make their homes as custom as they want.

When I am in construction meeting, I picture growth. We want to be the local guys building for our friends in the Permian Basin. 

That is one thing that sets us apart a bit…a high percentage of Permian employees live in Permian homes. Not all builders can say that.

Our building supers treat each home like it’s their own. They make things right for the customer before the home is handed over to the customer.

Permian Homes has planned on expanding outside of the Midland/Odessa area and while we do have a few homes in Andrews and other surrounding communities, right now we need to take care of the people here in Midland/Odessa. 

We are focused on this area because we want to take care of our customers. We lose our appeal when we start to focus on money and forget our customers. By maintaining locality, we can keep our standards high.

What else sets Permian Homes apart from other builders in the area?

When people ask me what’s different about Permian Homes, I turn them to the advantages on our website.  Anyone can build an affordable home, but when they use older and out-of-date technology, the lower upfront price does not make up for the long-term cost of owning that home. Utility bills alone can make a big difference.

From the framing to the air conditioners, Permian Homes uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure our homes are highly efficient.  A few extra dollars spent up front will mean a better investment throughout the years.

We believe in being engaged with the customers.  Sometimes with other builders, you put a deposit down and pick your selections.  That’s usually where the communication ends until the home is finished and the keys are handed over.

We like to be engaged weekly.  We have meetings to build your closes the way you want them, put your outlets where you need them.  We have a warranty department can dedicated customer care reps to take care of our customers. 

We have a high customer satisfaction rating. What’s special to me is that we have several customers who are building their second or third home with us.  They may have built a smaller home with us just a couple of years ago and now that their family has expanded, they are building a larger home to fit their needs.

We also have a customer referral program where we have customers who refer other customers.  The high percentage of customers who come to us through that program says a lot.

Most importantly, we live in this community; we build each home like it’s our own.

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Tell me about the new communities Permian Homes is working on.

We have three exciting communities coming up!

Old Course Estates, luxury townhomes.  Right on the golf course on the country club. These are the final lots available on the golf course. It’s a gated community with a beautiful water feature entrance.  Each home on Old Course Estates will be grass landscaped.  There will be a retention pond, water wells to will be included in the townhome and the community will be maintained by the homeowner association.

We are also excited to be working with Leeco Properties on the largest residential development ever in Odessa.  Dessert Ridge will have over 800 lots and will be available for sale at the beginning of fall. Those are going fit a need of quality at a fair price, single family homes and town homes. 

There is a great need for townhomes and single family homes which cost less (per month) than rent.  Townhomes will  start in the $140’s and single family homes will start in the $160’s-$180’s.

Finally, we are excited to finally get into Midland with Daybreak Estates.  Right across the street from the Midland Country Club, Daybreak Estates will be a beautiful single family community with 500 lots.  These homes will have larger back yards, well-groomed parks generated in the community with lovely entrances throughout.  This is a 4-year project and our Model home will be available for viewing in Spring of next year. 

Many people in Midland have seen that there is a local builder at an affordable price and they are excited to have Permian Homes there; we are excited to fill that need.

What is your favorite part of building a home?

The end.  When we close a house and officially make it a home.

We just closed a house a couple of days ago, a cute family who just got married, purchased their first home and it was great working with them, getting to be with them the whole time.  We love to help people through the building process, holding their hand the whole time. In the end, we roll out the red carpet to give them a home.

We give people a place where their kids will grow up, and we are grateful to be a part of that.  It is what feeds our passion for homebuilding.