Homeowners: Michael and Mel

Today, Permian Homes is proud pleased to introduce you to one of our proud townhome owners, Michael and Mel.

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This beautiful couple moved from Louisiana to Odessa with their oldest child back in October, 2011.

When asked why they moved to Odessa, Michael explained that he has “a fascination with the desert and with oil rigs, so Odessa was perfect.”  😉 

Really though, like many, Michael and Mel moved to Odessa for work but have since fallen in love with Odessa, the people and the opportunities that come with it.

When it came to finding a home for their growing family, Michael’s experience as a carpenter played a large part in selecting a builder and provided the foundation that led his family to Permian Homes.   

We are thrilled to have Michael and Mel share their Permian Homes story with us today:


Why Permian Homes?

Michael: I watched them build a few houses, I used to be a carpenter and I liked that they weren’t skipping corners, the methods (Permian Homes) used on those homes were correct methods.

I have seen a lot of construction companies that build their houses really fast and to do so they space their studs differently, use different materials and their quality suffers as a result.

We love the granite countertops and the energy efficient windows.

Permian Homes builds their homes with these as the standard; they don’t have to do that.

Permian Homes doesn’t cut corners. Their quality is good and the prices are reasonable.

Tell us about your building experience with Permian Homes:

They were extremely friendly, they were very helpful with every step, every process. We had never purchased a house before so they helped with a real-estate agent, helped us find a lending company and even helped with picking out materials. They helped us through the different materials and different options.

The process was fast but (Permian Homes) always waited on us, we never felt rushed. Even when we had differences in opinions, we worked it out.

Differences in opinion? There were things we couldn’t do because we were in a town home, the floor plan is set, you can’t move a wall or anything like that but they worked with us on everything else. They let us pick the flooring, the cabinets were custom, some things cost us more but we were able to get what we wanted.

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Would you lead a new homeowner or someone looking to move to the area to Permian Homes, and why?

Absolutely! I have already led half a dozen people to Permian. 

The quality matches the price. They are not the cheapest in the market, but their quality is great. Their people have pride in what they do, pride in their company.

Permian is not out to build us a home just to get our money.  It’s hard to find people who are willing to do extra things to get the job right, Permian is more customer based. They will help with whatever they need to do to get the job right.

Before we did our final walk through and closed on our home, Dave Cook and Emil, our building supervisor, did their own walkthrough.  They saw things that might have created a problem and fixed them, they even fixed things I didn’t think needed to be fixed.

One of the lights in our kitchen was installed right where the cabinet would hit it; it needed to be moved six inches.  They also saw that the drywall in the upstairs bathroom wasn’t square; I didn’t think it was a big deal but Dave wanted to make sure it was made right. The next day the drywall guy came out and fixed the bathroom and fixed the light right away.  I was impressed with how quickly they got things corrected.

One of the Permian Homes advantages includes their outstanding warranty, have you had to use this warranty? If you did, how was your experience?

The day we moved in we saw that one of our windows was cracked.  We didn’t catch it in our final walk-through but still, they fixed it.  No question, no extra money…it was fixed in a day or two.

Later, a bolt came out in the garage door and it wouldn’t open or close any more.  As soon as I told Emil about it, he knew what was wrong and he fixed it within hours of us making the repair request. 

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When weighing the choice between a single-family home and a townhome, space is often a concern. How do you feel about the space in your home?

Our floor plan is open, we don’t feel confined.  We don’t hear our neighbors through the walls, they are built in a way that you can’t hear people through the walls.  It’s quiet. It’s like being in a single family home just with a smaller yard.

Going from an apartment to here, we have more space, more privacy, a garage and we pay 1/3 what we did in a place half the size. Our electricity is lower and we don’t have to deal with a crummy apartment staff any more.

Our old two bedroom apartment is now renting for $1,700; our 3 bedroom townhome is $1000/month. 

Money was a huge factor in deciding to purchase in this economy.  If the economy dropped and I ended up losing $20k in equity on this townhouse, after 2 ½ years I would still come out ahead even if I was renting at a fixed rate. Rental rates aren’t fixed though, they keep going up.  Economically, purchasing a townhome has been a great decision.

Would you buy from Permian Homes again?

Yes. If we are here long enough, we look forward to building a custom home with Permian.

Thank you Michael and Mel! If you are interested in sharing your Permian Homes story please contact us with your name and phone number at blog@permianhomes.com. We look forward to hearing from you!