Permian Homes President, Dave Cook

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You have seen our beautiful homes; you have navigated your way through our website and learned about the Permian Homes Advantage which includes high quality and energy efficient, American-Built homes made with American made products at a fair price.  

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So what do you really know about Permian Homes?

Over the coming months we are glad to have the opportunity to introduce you to the people who make Permian Homes great.

From our home owners to the people who work with us, there are many reasons why Permian Homes has quickly grown from a Midland/Odessa-based start-up to one of the top 200 builders in the nation!

Reality is, you are the reason why we are here. You are the reason why we do what we do, and we are excited to get to know you better!

Today, we would like to introduce you to the President of Permian Homes, Dave Cook. With more than 16 years in the home-building industry, Dave Cook brings a wealth of experience and passion for home-building to Permian Homes.

Here he shares a little about his childhood, how he came to love construction and ultimately what brought him to Permian Homes.

Without further adieu, Dave Cook:

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What do you love about home-building?

When I was a kid, I had a lot of brothers and sisters. Growing up in a big family we didn’t have a lot of toys, we didn’t have a lot of things but we did have Lego’s.  Not those really fancy Lego sets they have now that include the men, the wheels and everything you need to build one specific toy…no, we had the original Lego’s where there were just blocks. And we had a sandbox.  We also had our imagination.

With those, I learned to create. I was always building. It was fun to problem solve and see images from your mind coming to life.  Once my creation was complete, I would take it apart and start again. 

I spent my entire childhood building and creating.

Whether those toys shaped me, or whether those fed into my curiosity, I don’t know.

Building a house is somewhat the same. I love seeing homes come into construction, I love seeing homes come to life. 

Once the project it done, it’s time to make a new one…time to start again.

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What brought you to Permian Homes?

Before I moved here, I was building with a company up in Salt Lake City. The market in Salt Lake had struggled for 18 months straight and, while West Texas had struggled for a period of time, it was obvious the market was on the way up and I saw opportunity in West Texas.

Permian Homes is still a grass roots organization, a small company. We don’t build 19,000 homes a year, and we’re okay with that.

There is value in knowing your roots. There is value in getting to speak with the Permian Homes Company Owner, David Martin, every day.

In the last 3 years we have grown from 3 to 15 employees, not including the dozens of contractors we work with.  We have come from a couple of thousand in revenue to over 22 million.

Still, we remain small enough to have the autonomy to change things as we see they need to be changed. Big companies have process and procedures, red tape that has to be cut before even the smallest changes can be made.  Here, if you see something that needs to be better, you have to go through the process to make it better.  With Permian, I have the opportunity to take something and make it better, to try something new without all of the red tape.

Some builders have warranties like Permian, what sets us apart is that we try not to use our warranty.

We want your home to be 100% when you move in.  An executive inspects every home before the homeowners are brought in to make certain the home is up to Permian quality.  We do not rely on our warranty to finish our houses; we do everything we can to make certain the homes are perfect as perfect can be before the homeowner moves in.

I love taking the positive experiences from the other companies I have worked with and maximize those experiences here at Permian. The accomplishments Permian has had are very satisfying.

We have benefited from a very aggressive market. We have a great company that we are able to run how we can have it run and we can also be profitable; most importantly though, we can help people. We can help people’s lives.

Where I am from, a city of 4 million, there is probably over 200 builders in that one city and they build thousands of homes every year.  Most small builders build a home here or there, Permian is one of the few who is able to build large-scale planned communities.

We thrive on that.

When I speak with people about our company and the fact that we are in the top 200 builders in the nation, and the only Midland/Odessa based home-builder to make the list, that gets people’s attention.

We are no longer a cute little home-builder, we are gaining national attention. Of the thousands, millions of home-builders in this nation, that is saying something.

David Cook Image

What is your vision for Permian?

I would love to give Midland and Odessa several high-end planned unit developments that people are proud to live in.

I don’t want to just build a house that someone is proud of; I want to build a community that people are proud of.

I don’t think you can ever be satisfied with where you are at.  If you are happy with where you are, step back and take a breath, you are staying still. We should never stop growing, we should never stop learning, and we should never stop improving.

Everybody has tag lines and they abuse those tag lines. Tag lines are not something that we say to our fellow co-workers.  The day to day conversation is “how do we set ourselves apart?”

It’s a constant drive, it’s a constant strategy.  It’s a goal. It’s real.

How do we get better?

If I had to sum it up I would say, “We don’t build homes, we build communities.” That is something that not a lot of other builders can say.

If you are interested in sharing your Permian Homes story please contact us with your name and phone number at  We look forward to hearing from you!