Custom Home Owners: Chris and Angelique Vore

Building a custom home with the #1 Midland/Odessa based homebuilder is an experience only a handful of families have had.

Even so, as one of our fastest growing divisions, Permian Homes is continuously overjoyed at the number of families choosing to build their dream home with us.

Today we visit one of our first custom homes and reminisce about the experience of building such a lovely home with her owners, Chris and Angelique Vore.

Family Picture

You worked with David Martin long before Permian Homes became a cornerstone in this community, what brought you to Permian Homes for a custom home?

We are lucky to know David and we were able to work with him very closely before we began the process of building our new home.

David was very upfront when we started to build our dream house. He said “write down everything that you want. We are creating a dream so list it all! Then, when you are finished, we will look at the numbers and figure out what is reality and what we need to change.”

He had a lot of ideas; we talked about a lot of different things before we even went to the architect and put it down on paper.

The whole process was organized and nice.  I was ready for someone who wanted to talk to us, someone who really cared about what we wanted.

Just after the house was framed, we didn’t have any walls up or anything, we stopped by and saw David was inside the home sweeping it.  You could tell he loves what he does…he was happy. 

Permian Homes was quick to correct things. If I had a concern, he wrote it down and corrected it.

We received a lot of personal attention.

When we built our previous home, we had a different builder, there were so many things that needed to be done when we moved in. There was a lot of detail work, etc. When we went to do our walk through, there were still people in the home, working on painting and trim.  A year after we moved into that home, we were still waiting for little things to be fixed on our ‘to do list’ and the builder stopped returning our calls.  We felt like they left a lot undone.

Front Door Image

Permian Homes was quick to respond and finish even the finest details on this home.  When we did our final walk through, the robes were hanging in the closet and It felt like home.

The house was ready and it was perfect.

We love the special touches in this house. 

Staircase image

This is more than just a house.  This is a home made up of bits and pieces of creative ingenuity from the people who worked on it.  The staircase guy, the floor guy, the painter…everybody came together and wanted it to be the best. They worked hard to showcase their work.

We made two architectural differences when we were meeting with the architect.  There was, what we felt, was a needless hall.  We cut the pieces and made it work.  We opened up one of our walls to make it more open.  From the internal structure out, we made this home ours.

It was neat to work with the architect and say “these are the needs of our family” and think about those individual needs to make this home specific to our needs.

I remember the tile guy coming in. I wanted to pull the tile from the fireplace into the front entry.  I was trying to get my idea, to get my picture across to him. He was willing to listen and incorporate my ideas with his and figure out how to integrate the things I wanted.

I went on the internet and looked stuff up and showed them.  It wasn’t in the showroom but they were still able to help us achieve those things.

Fireplace Image

(Our building supervisor) had suggestions to make our home more individual and interesting.  We have a double fireplace in our bedroom and in the master.  That was his suggestion.  The dome ceiling came to life as they were framing the home.  The tray ceiling, too.  There are details that came to be through the process of building.

Light Picture

We have a playroom above our living room.  Permian Homes thought carefully about that and made sure they were able to insulate and make it so that the room wasn’t going to create noise in the home.  And it doesn’t. It’s great!

It was fun to build this home like we wanted to, with the help and precision of all of the Permian Homes experts who helped us do it.

Permian Homes works beyond code.  They work with the highest quality.  The worksite was always clean.  Anybody who knows anything about building homes knows Permian Homes goes above the requirements.

Family in Kitchen Image

Your children were part of the building and design process; do they have anything to share?

Painted Bedroom

Erin: “They let us paint my room before the carpet went in so we didn’t have to worry about getting it on the carpet.  It was really cool.”

Lauren: “The first time I was in this house was when the carpet wasn’t in. I walked in and saw my room I that it was going to be really cool and I really like it!”

Charity: “I like how we have extra yard space.  We were able to put our dog in a different area while we were working in the yard. It was nice to not have to worry about the dog.”

Kitchen Image

Joseph: “My mom is all excited about the crown molding and the tile thing, but what I like about my room is that they were able to split it with a half wall and stairs.  So even though I split a room with my brother, it’s like I didn’t have to share.”

Would you recommend Permian Homes to your friends and family?

We have recommended Permian Homes to our family and friends.  We have talked it up with our old neighbors and a few have purchased.  A number of our kids’ friends have purchased Permian Homes.

Outside of House Image

Would you choose to build with Permian Homes again?

Is this something we would do again?  I hope we don’t have to do it again. This is our forever home.  If we do it again, we will be downsizing but yes, we would gladly work with Permian Homes again.

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