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 When building a home for your family, you should be proud to call it yours. Does your builder make you proud? If they don’t, they haven’t done their job. At Permian Homes, we want you to love the home we build for you. Trust us to build it and… Be Proud of Your Home.



Permian Homes - Home Builder Report Card


Do you carry a 4.8/5 approval rating from customers here in Midland-Odessa?

Not some national rating with millions of customers. Home owners HERE in Midland-Odessa! Check out our reviews:


Do you offer over 4,000 different paint color options?

It's your home, and we believe it should reflect your style! Beige, greige, turquoise, fuschia... pick a color, any color.


Can I add a bedroom or another bathroom to this plan?

Add a window, a door, or even an entire room! Our semi-custom design and building approach allows you the flexibility to create the perfect home for you and your family.


Do you use 30 year old, outdated, batt insulation?

We use advanced, high quality, blown and/or foam insulation, which saves you money every month on energy bills!


Do most of Permian Homes' employees live in the homes they help build?

Doesn’t it speak volumes when employees buy and love the products they build? We also have many trade partners who chose Permian Homes as their family's builder of choice.


Does an Executive of the company perform a White Glove inspection on every home?

We want every home to be as close to perfect as possible. Our Management Team performs a detailed 'White Glove' inspection to catch any defects and create a 'punch list' for our contractors. Hands and knees, blue tape & flashlights. Every home.


Will you really let me lay out my closets however I want?

Our homeowners walk through their home with their superintendent and design each closet to suit their needs.  Hanging rods both up high and down low, shelves and more - how you organize is up to you!


Can I meet with the superintendent at different times during construction?

Communication is key to a happy, stress-free and successful building process! Our homeowners have several scheduled on-site meetings with their superintendent throughout construction, including a Pre-Construction Orientation, a Pre-Drywall Orientation, and a Shelving Layout Meeting. Sales Representatives send weekly status updates with photos and updates on progress. Additional meetings and site visits are just a phone call away. We just ask for a day's notice.


Do you have a high turnover rate with your subcontractors?

Skilled trade contractors are proud to work with us, and we’re proud of their work. Many of our subcontractors have been partnered with Permian Homes since our first home build in 2008, which means we both understand the level of quality our homeowners expect and deserve. Our contractors share our mission and want you to "Be Proud of Your Home."


Do you frame all your homes from scratch, using 16 inch spacing between studs?

No "pre-fab" walls or roofs here. You want a true carpenter to build your home. This major detail is a reason many choose Permian Homes over other builders in this area.


Do you use AMERICAN-BUILT products in your homes?

It may cost a little more, but it’s worth it. Currently, 90% of the products we use are of high-quality, American-made origin. It means a lot to us to support American and local industry whenever possible.


Is the owner of your company a native West Texan?

Born in Andrews, raised in Odessa. There is a great sense of pride that come with building homes for people in your hometown. Tour our homes and you'll see it for yourself!